Lash Mapping Template

Using lash maps helps you create perfect symmetry between the eyes when applying eyelash extensions. There are different maps to suit different eye shapes and preferences. As a beginner lash artist, you might ask yourself many questions about mapping. What is lash mapping? How do you map eyelashes? Why is lash mapping is essential? Can you mix C and D curls? In this blog, we will answer as many questions as possible to help lash artists struggling with this topic.


What is Lash Mapping?

Lash Mapping is dividing the eye into different zones to finalize the length of the lashes needed for each section of natural lashes. We need to figure out the best style for the client based on their own preferences and characteristics of their eyes. It is the practice of lash mapping that helps you decide the length, thickness, and curl of lash extensions on your clients in a few seconds in the latter years.

Every lash artist needs to know about lash mapping and must do it for every one of their clients in the beginning to customize lash extensions based on the eyes.

Most of us know very well that two different people often don’t have the exact same features about both their eyes. But a little-known fact is that no person has identical eyes. Put simply, the left eye of the same client differs from their right.

That’s why you need to do lash mapping for every eye individually to do the best job. If you’re a beginner, don’t fret about the time you’ll take; instead focus on doing it the best way. And in the due time, you’ll mechanically do it faster than now.


Benefits of Lash Mapping

1. To create an advanced style

One effect of customizing eyelash styles for customers is that in the long run, you can learn to use different styles. It can help you to combine unique new eyelash styles, so that you can enhance any type of eyes. Later you will know what is right and what is wrong.

2. To Prevent Mistakes

Many eyelash artists often forget to learn eyelash mapping in detail, and eventually they will provide the same eyelash style to every customer who comes in. On the other hand, once you know how to map eyelashes, you will never make the wrong style or repeat the same style.

3. For Customization

The goal of a well-experienced lash tech is customizing a look for the client’s eyes, not just for anyone but specifically for that client’s eyes. To do the perfect job, you need the right knowledge. Because every eye is different from the other, you need to customize the characteristics of lash extensions for every eye.


How To Map The Lashes Of A Client?

Lash mapping is all about a serious observation on your part. You need to be observant of your client’s eyes and lashes to understand what will enhance their look. It might sound sophisticated and tough at first but believe me, you’ll get the hang around it with time.



1. For Doll Eye

This is a beautiful style, which can almost increase the size of the customer's eyes. When you put short eyelashes on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, it will make their eyes look bigger. The best candidates for doll eye shape are those customers with almond eyes, hooded eyes and monomer. This style is mainly used to open your eyes.

You need to find the iris and create an area containing the iris, so that you can add the longest eyelashes to this area. This style helps to get a bright appearance, thus broadening the customer's horizons. Here, you can add separate extensions and flares or fans to complete the right look for your customers.

The mapping of doll eye styles is very simple. You need to create a largest area in the middle to encapsulate the iris, so that you can add the longest eyelashes in this area.

2. For Squirrel

This is another natural looking eyelash style. The longest eyelash extension is added below the arch of the eyebrows. When you map eyelashes for a squirrel eye style, it is almost like a cat's eye. The only difference is that the length of squirrel's eyes is not as different as that of cat's.

Squirrel eyes follow the eyelash mapping mode, in which eyelash extensions of different lengths are added one by one. This hairstyle has more areas than any other hairstyle. If you are a new eyelash technician, it is more difficult to succeed. It is very good to open your customers' eyes and make them brighter.

3. For Cat Eye

Now there is a most popular eyelash stretching style, called cat's eye. This is a style in which short eyelashes extend to decorate the inside of the corners and long eyelashes decorate the outside of the corners. This is a good choice for people with round eyes, because cat's eyes help to easily balance (by increasing the taper) the shape of the eyes.

For ordinary customers, cat's eyes are most suitable for matching CC curly hair with lengths ranging from 8 to 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. What you need to remember is to add long eyelashes in the second and last area of eyelashes.



Specific eye shapes and features will appear very differently on each client. There is no one-size-fits-all situation. Being a lash artist truly is an art. Lash mapping is an excellent way to build a lash extension set customized to your client's features.

Lash mapping also saves you time by allowing you to build the perfect variety of lash extensions in less time and go back to your lash mapping at any time.

No matter how long you've been lashing, the skills of correct lash mapping are essential to providing perfect lash extensions to your clients.

(pictures from LONDON Lash)