🙌I already love the quality.Super soft and fluffy for natural looks 😍😍


I have been using #tdancelash since my lash journey,they are always good quailty !💕


Lash clusters came through ,I am obssesed with tdance cluster lashes🤩

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Amazing Tweezers

Live love love these tweezers. The grip, angle and weight of the tweezers are amazing. No broken fans when picking up makes completely sets faster. 5 stars!

Green Shipping Protection
Wusan Abdolmaseeh
Tdance lashes

Very good quality

Free Sample
Ruth Sheila Merigault
Great qualité product

Lashes ans glue are top quality product.Recommend Tdance !

Favorite isolation tweezers

So glad Tdance has these tweezers at a more affordable price than where I used to get them. They are lightweight, light tension so my hand doesn’t strain and hold up well in barbicide, does not rust and gold has not faded. Will be repurchasing these with each order since for some reason I always drop my isolation tweezers.


Nice quality glue, dries quick and easy to use.


I love the glue!! The drying time is great

Hasta el momento muy buena

Dimond gift

I love these because I always get things I need as a lash tech and I feel appreciated as well to receive free items !

Green Shipping Protection


SO GOOD! And the price is very reasonable

Amazing lashes

I love their lashes and the price is something you can’t beat. Awesome quality

It works beautifully

Cashmere 0.07 8-12

I was surprised at how these fan. Truly fans like butter.

Mannequin Heads With Lash
Poscho Litanda Tricia


classic lashes

Fantastic classic lashesh🤍

5d fans

Super contente des fans, rendu magnifique

Great Quality

I love Tdance products! its soft and dark

TL-02 Light Pink Fiber Tweezers For Eyelash Extension

The best glue!

Its the best glue

TP-11 Pink Fiber Tweezers For Eyelash Extension

This is my first experience to use lashes, very good. so easy for me


Very easy to use, fan like butter. Like!!!