🙌I already love the quality.Super soft and fluffy for natural looks 😍😍


I have been using #tdancelash since my lash journey,they are always good quailty !💕


Lash clusters came through ,I am obssesed with tdance cluster lashes🤩

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40D Handmade Premade Volume Loose Fans Pointy Base(500 Fans)


Fan like butter, pick up so easily, i make fans successfully for many times

My fiend recommend me to here, the lashes are so good!


Very nice for me, I’m a new beginner, very easy to make fans

I love love love tdances glue I’ve been using it since I started doing lashes and I never went to any other brands ! And never will! I’m way too committed


All my clients are really loving how they turn out, and frankly I am too!! Definitely going to continue using them.

0.03MM Premium Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions


Las mejores pestañas con las que eh trabajado, tienen un buen aguante en la pestaña natural, son bien ligeras y cero pesadas, me encantan y a mis clie tas tambien

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Liz L.B.L.
My FAVORITE adhesive!

I finally found the BEST adhesive! The Lady Bond has been the best adhesive I’ve ever used! Combined with my TDANCE primer and super bonder, I’ve had the best retention yet! In this light volume set I used the Lady Bond, TDANCE primer and bonder, 0.05 10D pre made fans, 0.03 easy fan lashes and obviously my TDANCE tweezers!

Amazing Company

I bought the lashes because my best sister does them and she love them!! To point where she is purchasing them.

I love them

It really helps me see those little hairs that I just can get to love it a lot

Lash Primer

I bought this product the smell is like gasoline I am not satisfied at all .I think it's not safe for the eyes .horrible!

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Paradise Britton

Highly recommend this product! As a new lash tech , these products helped so much

Super Bonder Eyelash Extension (15ML)


Absolutely love them

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Shary Rincon
Hero Glue

It does the job! Quick and efficient. Will be buying again!

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Lady Lorraine Baltazar

Good. Nice quality.

Lovely Lashes

Lovel lashes will definitely be buying again.


Love them but I really need them in 13mm. I come back every day looking for them they’re never in stock

absolutely love

These are the only trays that i use, they are amazing for the price. Fanning is easy and retention is great!

I liked it🥰


Very fast, so easy to use. love !

super Lupe!

Ich bin begeistert! Habe nicht viel für den preis erwartet und bin wirklich überrascht wie schön die fotos werden! Für wimpernbilder einfach klasse!

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Can’t wait to try

My lash tech that taught me recommend these extensions