How to do lash cleaning at home (Cleaning Essentials)

Do you want to extend your eyelash extensions sets retention? After care cleaning helps. So let us talk about how to do cleaning at home, in just simply 5-10 minutes.

First, prepare all your needed supplies.

we usually prepare the following items, all from

Second, wet the cleaning brush.

Wetting the cleaning brush will reduce irritation to the eyes and eyelash extensions sets, and we can use a towel to slightly absorb the water.

Third : Squeeze the cleanser foam.

Usually, We can squeeze the foam on top of the lashes , also some artists love to squeeze it into a container. And then wipe corner to corner with the cleaning brush for about a minute.

Fourth, clean the cleanser foam. 

Clean the cleaning brush and use the cleaning bottle to squeeze the water on the lashes and clean the foam with the cleaning brush.

Fifth, use a mini fan to dry eyelash extensions.

This step is very important, remember to dry the lashes with a fan for about 2 minutes, or longer if the lashes are long.

Sixth, use the brush to gently brush the lashes.

Also, you can see the whole progress in this video:

Besides, avoid oil-based products, look for oil-free makeup removers, cleansers, creams, and other skincare products that will come in contact with your eyes and eyelash extension sets.