How long do eyelash extensions last?

Do you want to know how long do the eyelash extensions last?

Grafted eyelashes can generally last for about 4-6 weeks. Because grafting eyelashes is to use glue to paste false eyelashes on real eyelashes, so that eyelashes look longer, thicker and more warped. This determines its timeliness. First, the viscosity of the glue becomes poor, and second, daily activities will cause eyelashes to fall off, resulting in it being able to maintain this period of time at most. Of course, if the care is proper, it can also last longer.

Factors affecting the durability of grafted eyelashes

1. Quality of eyelashes and glue

Eyelashes and glue with good quality not only have less irritation to the eyes, but also last longer.

2. Eyelash grafting technique

The grafting technology of eyelash grafters will also affect the retention time of grafted eyelashes. Experienced eyelash grafters can not only graft eyelashes effectively, but also reduce eye damage.

3.Nursing after eyelash grafting

After grafting eyelashes, do not rub eyelashes hard, and make up and clean them correctly at ordinary times, which can prolong the maintenance time of eyelashes.Especially in summer, people often go swimming or surfing. Eyelashes are soaked in water for a long time, and they will also suffer some impact, so it is very easy to cause false eyelashes to fall off.