You Need To Know About Wispy Lash Mapping

What’s the deal with wispy lashes

wispy eyelash extensions (a.k.a staggered or Kim K lashes), we usually called free loop eyelash extensions sets. For it is an eyelash artists makes different lash looking according to different types of clients by using different lashes, creating a spike eyelash effects.

How to do wispy lash mapping

We recommend planning from the peak point first, but it is best not to use the same length for all vertices. Generally, the length of the lashes in the inner corner of the eyes are shorter than the length of the outer corner of the eyes. For example, choose 11-12mm eyelash length for the inner corner, 14-15mm for the middle, and 12-13mm for the outer corner. The position of the highest point is usually selected in the middle of the eye or at the corner of the eye, which depends on the customer's preference and the shape of the eye.

Once the vertices are determined, it needs to be filled. Generally, a length of 1-2mm lower than the high point is selected for filling. If you want to finish a set quickly, you can choose to use premade fans.

If you want to use spikes to make wispy set, you can directly use spikes as the vertex of the eyelash extensions set.

Tips from TDANCE

Communicate with customers before eyelash extensions, preferably using pictures to communicate with customers

When grafting, you can use eyelash mapping sticker for pre-planning and determine the specific vertex

After the grafting is over, use a super bonder  to extend the retention, and at the same time use a brush for rolling inspection, and confirm with the customer whether the effect is liked.