How to remove eyelash extensions

How to remove false eyelashes? False eyelashes are usually pasted to the root of eyelashes with professional eyelash glue. General makeup remover may be difficult to remove. Because the skin at the root of eyelashes is particularly fragile, it is not suitable for strong pulling. Let's take a look at the specific steps!



Put a layer of eye pad under the eyes, and then put a thin layer of fresh-keeping film on the eyelids. 


Dip a cotton swab in the gel remover and rub it evenly on your eyelashes.Be careful not to get the degumming agent into the eyes


And then cover the fresh-keeping film on the eyelashes coated with the degumming agent.


Wait for a few minutes, and gently open the fresh-keeping film. You will find that the false eyelashes are stuck on the fresh-keeping film and have been removed.


Wipe the excess degumming agent with a cotton swab, Finally, wipe with eye pad.