How to choose the perfect lash sets according to the eye shape

As an eyelash artist, you must have encountered some customers whose eyelashes were crooked and messy only a few days after a set .
Many people think that the longer the lashes, the better, but they ignore the stand of their own lashes. Generally, eyelash extensions are about 1/3 longer than your own eyelashes, but if you choose a size that is much longer than your own eyelashes for the sake of length, you will be prone to inverted eyelashes.
In addition to the length of the extensions, the position and curvature of the extensions are also important.
Generally speaking, the common eyelash curl is divided into C, CC and D, and our online store also have L and DD. C is the closest to the real eyelashes, very natural, suitable for people who want long eyelashes and do not often wear makeup; CC is the most popular curl, which can make the eyes brighter and more radiant, after the extensions will appear natural pupil line; D is slightly exaggerated, after the extensions will be obvious makeup, need to match the makeup to look good.
ok ,let us talk our topic
1、If your original eyelashes are thin and small
If your own eyelashes are thin, they are not suitable for "thick" eyelash extensions, in order to avoid your real eyelashes not being able to bear the weight of the false eyelashes, which will cause them to fall off when they are overloaded.
2、If your eyelashes are not too curly
 If your own eyelashes are not curly at all, don't choose the "D-curl"  because it will cause the extensions to split and fall off very quickly. If you have very curly lashes, you should also not choose "J-curl" extensions that are too flat (close to straight curls), as they will also split and fall out too quickly. Depending on the condition of your eyelashes, try to choose a curl that matches the curl of your own eyelashes.
3、If your eyes are round eyes or close set eyes
Cat set, the end of the eye thick type will elongate the eye shape, making the face look more feminine and three-dimensional, from the eye to the head of the eye with a slightly shorter length of eyelashes, the end of the eye with long eyelashes transition. Usually this kind of eyelash makeup is thicker and only needs to be brightened with glossy eye shadow to highlight the freshness of the makeup.
4、If your eyes is  upturned eyes 
Upturned eye is characterized by a downward facing inner corner and a slender eye shape, with the end of the eye extending diagonally upward to above the head, a beautiful eye shape full of oriental flavor. The inner corner of the eye is collapsed, which makes it suitable for the lupine lash style, and the eyes are lengthened with C-curved lashes to enhance the depth of the eyes. Avoid lengthening the lashes at the end of the eye, as it will make the eyes look too sharp. Use a D to avoid the eyelash extensions from falling down when you open your eyes.
5、If your eyes is  downturned eyes 
This kind of lashes is  easier to eat eyelashes, we can choose the length 9-13 lengths, the middle grafting 12 -13 mm lengths, the degree of warp can choose CC curl, eyelashes choose strong support single round hair, or Y-shaped eyelashes, can well circumvent the original eye problems.
So, it's not up to you to decide how long, how dense and how curved the extensions should be, it's the customer's eye shape that determines the length, density and curl of the extensions.
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