Lash Lift is a semi permanent eye black that can lift and curl eyelashes. Unlike eyelash extension, the eyelash enhancement program will change the shape and color of eyelashes to achieve the classic eyelash extension effect. Your beauty salon can provide horny lash lift to add protein to eyelashes, and can also provide perm lash lift (chemical solution with high pH value), using chemicals similar to traditional perm.

The certain lash lift and coloring treatment includes four steps to obtain longer, curly and dark eyelashes. The first step is to place pads on your eyelids and apply a serum to decompose the protein in eyelashes, thus increasing the shape. Next, use the essence liquid injected with keratin to restore and revitalize eyelashes, and then apply a layer of pigment to improve the visibility of dark eyelashes. The final treatment ended with a layer of pure keratin as an additional conditioning protein.

The lash lift effect can last for 6-8 weeks. Generally speaking, eyelash removal is considered safe, and some people will experience temporary skin irritation or allergic reaction. However, when perms stay on the eyelashes for too long, they can cause the eyelashes to break and damage them. Always use professional services and check comments before and after photos in the beauty salon.



  • Day 1: Lash Lift Aftercare in the First 24h

In the first 24 hours after the treatment, avoid these things:

  • don’t wear mascara or any eye makeup
  • don’t wear contact lenses
  • don’t get your eyelashes wet
  • don’t use any products on your lashes
  • don’t rub your eyes
  • don’t go swimming
  • don’t engage in activities that cause excessive sweating
  • don’t go to saunas
  • don’t take long showers and try to keep your lashes dry
  • don’t sleep on your face
  • don’t use oil-based products

Water and various products can break the chemical bonds and reverse the effects of your eyelash perm. Once the 24 hours are through, your lashes have hardened in the curled position and you can relax.

You might experience very slight redness and irritation. Apply a cold compress if it gets uncomfortable.

If your lashes were tinted, stay away from sunlight.

  • Day 2

If the redness and irritation hasn’t subsided, contact your technician.

Your lashes are still flexible, so you still need to be careful and avoid water, especially hot, steam, rubbing your eyes and sleeping on your face. Since they’re so elastic, you don’t want them to change shape!

Wait a little longer before applying eye makeup.

If your eyelashes are colored, stay away from the sun.

  • Day 3

You can relax now and start as usual, more or less.

However, it is better to avoid using eye black, especially waterproof formula. They may contain oily ingredients that relax curly hair. Do not wipe your eyes and avoid using strong makeup removers, especially oil-based makeup removers.

If your eyelashes are colored, stay away from the sun.

  • Days 4-20

You don't have to do anything special anymore. You can go back to all your normal activities, as long as you continue to avoid using oily products and products containing exfoliation. They can relax their curls.

If your eyelashes are colored, stay away from the sun.


  • Day 20

If your treatment included tinting, the color will start to wear off at this point.

If you had your lashes tinted to add more depth, the tint will probably start to wear off at this point. Keep avoiding sunlight to prolong the tint a bit more.

  • Day 21

You can start applying an oil recommended by your artist to nourish your lashes. Techs like to recommend oils or serums that stimulate growth so your lash lift turns out even better next time around.


Final Thoughts

Many things you do can either protect or spoil your lash lift or lash lift and tint results. So, it’s a good thing you now know the rules for lash lift aftercare .

With these simple tips, you can rock your lifted lashes like this beautiful lady!

(pictures from feather lash and brow)